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School Scents Candles

60 oz Black Candle in Mercury Bowl

60 oz Black Candle in Mercury Bowl

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Remember the "loosey" from high school? I remember the hustle of teens flocking to the corner store trying to look cool while attempting to smoke on the single cigarette. It was like a ritual, blending that mix of curiosity and "coolness" in the air. 

To captivate a scentifully attractive candle, we intertwined the richness of tobacco, whiskey and the earthy balance of sandalwood to emboldened the earthiness of mahogany. A subtle touch of lavender and geranium add depth to this sweet tobacco base, evoking a woodsy allure that lingers in the air. 

60 oz 

Top Notes: Cinnamon, coriander, patchouli 

Middle Notes: Sandalwood, whiskey 

Bottom Notes: Agarwood resin (oud), tobacco, roasted tonka bean absolute




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