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15 oz decorative candle bowl - CHOOSE YOUR SCENT

15 oz decorative candle bowl - CHOOSE YOUR SCENT

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15 oz of pure scented bliss.  These bowls will not only add an amazing aroma for your home but when the candle is complete can be repurposed and used as a decorative bowl. Your candle is MADE TO ORDER and takes a 5 days to make and allow to set and cure before we ship.

This ceramic glass bowl is beautiful and can be repurposed for many uses. After your final lighting, once you blow the candle out, take a few paper towels and clean up all of the melted wax. (NEVER POUR WAX DOWN YOUR DISH DRAIN). Pour boiling hot water into the bowl and pop the wicks and wick stickers out with a rounded spoon or other device, clean with soap and water and Voilà! You have a perfect container to use for fruits, veggies, decorative balls or other decor items that fit your home and style.

 2 wood wicks 

Dimensions of bowl: 6" L x 5.5" W x 2.75" H

Burns up to 30+ hours

Scents currently available:

snooze button  - citron + mandarin

boy's locker room - tonka + OUD

recess - ocean rose

study hall - gardenia tuberose 

power to the paper - amber noir + black currant 

do you like me? - magnolia + peony

spring break - white tea + bergamot + jasmine

three day weekend - lavender + eucalyptus



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